# Advanced Config

# Enable os-related features

If you want to enable os-related features, you can do this before including pocketpy.h.

#define PK_ENABLE_OS 1
#include <pocketpy.h>

# Working with multiple threads

pkpy does not support multi-threading. But you can create multiple VM instances and run them in different threads. You can do the following to ensure thread safety for VM instances:

#include <pocketpy.h>

# Full config

You can create a user_config.h in the same directory as pocketpy.h to override some default settings.

  1. Copy src/config.h and rename it to user_config.h.
  2. Define a macro PK_USER_CONFIG_H in user_config.h. This invalidates the default config.h and enables your user_config.h.
  3. Edit user_config.h to override default settings.