# Welcome to PocketPy

PocketPy is a lightweight(~6000 LOC) Python interpreter for game engines.

It is extremely easy to embed. Including a compiler, optimizer and bytecode virtual machine. All of them are available in a single header file pocketpy.h, without external dependencies.

# What it looks like

def is_prime(x):
  if x < 2:
    return False
  for i in range(2, x):
    if x % i == 0:
      return False
  return True

primes = [i for i in range(2, 20) if is_prime(i)]
# [2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19]

# Source Integration

We recommend to use our pre-built pocketpy.h in Github Release page. To compile it with your project, these flags must be set:

  • --std=c++17 flag must be set
  • Exception must be enabled
  • RTTI is not required