# Project Ideas

# Implement pybind11 for bindings

  • Difficulty Level: 5/5 (Hard)
  • Skill: Advanced C++ with metaprogramming; Python
  • Project Length: Medium (175 hours)

pocketpy has provided a low-level API for creating bindings. It is fast, lightweight and easy to debug. However, it still requires a lot of boilerplate code to create bindings for complex C++ classes. The community has long expected a high-level API for creating bindings.

pybind11 is the most popular C++ library for creating Python bindings for CPython. A bunch of Python libraries are using it. pybind11 adopts a template metaprogramming approach to automatically generate bindings for C++ classes.

Our goal is to introduce a pybind11 compatible solution to pocketpy as an alternative way to create bindings for functions and classes. You can use C++17 features to implement it, instead of C++11 used in pybind11.

See https://github.com/pocketpy/pocketpy/issues/216 for more details.

# Add numpy module

  • Difficulty Level: 4/5 (Intermediate)
  • Skill: Intermediate C++; Python; Linear Algebra
  • Project Length: Medium (175 hours)

Though pocketpy is designed for game scripting, some people are using it for scientific computing. It would be nice to have a numpy module in pocketpy.

numpy is a huge project. Our goal is to implement a most commonly used subset of numpy in pocketpy. You can mix C++ and Python code to simplify the overall workloads.

See https://github.com/pocketpy/pocketpy/issues/202 for more details.