# Migration Guide

# Overview

v2.0 branch is a complete refactor of pocketpy in C11, which enables users to run pocketpy on platforms that do not support C++. Also we redesign the core interpreter to be more efficient and maintainable by using modern C11 language features.

v2.0 will be released on 2024/08.

# API compatibility

name v1.x v2.0
legacy C++ API (v1.x only)
legacy C API (v1.x only)
C11 API (v2.0 only) (work-in-progress)
pybind11 API (both) (work-in-progress)

# Suggestions

  • If you are a C++ user
    • Use pybind11 API if you want to upgrade to v2.0 in the future
    • Use legacy C++ API if you want to stay in v1.x
  • If you are a C user
    • Use v2.0's C11 API (will be available soon)
    • Use legacy C API if you want to stay in v1.x